Prawn Species.

Banana Prawn

Sweet. Mild. Sustainable.

Perfectly suited to dishes like stir fries because it holds its shape well, the banana prawn’s mild flavour is perfect if like your seafood not too seafoody. Bananas are mainly caught in the Northern Prawn Fishery during a busy 8 week season leading into winter, leaving the rest of the year for stock to replenish. Bananas are also found in the tropical waters off Qld and WA.

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Banana Prawn Fisheries

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Endeavour Prawn

Flavour and taste from warmer waters.

There are two types of Endeavour Prawn, red and blue. Endeavours are mainly found in northern waters above the Tropic of Capricorn, on both the East and West coasts. The Endeavour has a full flavour, which helps it handle spicier or more fragrant dishes, perfect for curries, paella, risottos or marinated and grilled skewers.

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Endeavour Prawn Fisheries

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Eastern King Prawn
Western King Prawn

King Prawn

East & West. Far and wide.

King doesn’t refer to size, but species, so you can have small, medium and large wild king prawns. There are two species, Eastern and Western king found, on the Eastern, Western and Southern coasts of Australia. Kings have a vibrant blue tail when raw and turn pink to orange when cooked. Kings are your classic “bucket of prawns” species, right in the sweet spot on the flavour spectrum.

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King Prawn Fisheries

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Brown Tiger Prawn
Grooved Tiger Prawn

Tiger Prawn

They grow big. They grow beautiful.

There are two types of wild tiger prawn, grooved and brown. They are found all around Australia. The tiger has distinctive stripes that become bright red when cooked. This makes the tiger an impressive prawn to serve and they deliver a rich meaty flavour suited to dipping sauces, grilling, BBQ’ing or frying. Tigers can grow big, larger than any other species.

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Tiger Prawn Fisheries

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School Prawn

Sweet and small, loved by all.

The small but sweet school prawn is found in estuaries, rivers and bays around Australia. The Hawkesbury River the Clarence River and Lakes Entrance in Vic are all popular school prawn fisheries.

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School Prawn Fisheries

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Red Spot King Prawn

Lesser known species

Australia is home to a range of boutique prawn species found in estuaries, bays or deep water ocean.

  • Scarlet Prawn
  • Royal Red Prawn
  • Bay Prawn
  • Coral Prawn
  • Red Spot King Prawn

Lesser known species Fisheries

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This is more than a prawn.
It's an Australian Wild Prawn.

Discover where the wild prawns are.

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