More than a prawn.

From pioneering technologies to best-in-class produce and handling, Australia’s wild prawn fisheries are regarded as among the best in the world. Uncover the unique stories of innovation, sustainability, people and places that lie behind our nation’s wild prawns.

We live for the wild.

All around Australia, prawn fishers and the people they work with, talk about what makes the Australian wild prawn industry great. As a nation we love the ocean and beaches. We’re all connected to the sea.

Partners in Sustainability.

Prawns are only abundant when the rest of the ecosystem thrives, that’s why you’ll see fishers working closely with scientists, regulators and the community to ensure we all have Australian wild prawns for today and tomorrow.

Prawn fishers innovate to reduce bycatch.

We only want to harvest Australian wild prawns and leave other sea creatures undisturbed. Turtle exclusion devices have been effective for well over a decade and the next goal, reducing by-catch of smaller fish by at least 30% was ambitious. But clever engineering and sharing ideas has acheived eye-opening results.

Provenance, Trust and Transparency.

We want you to know where your prawns are from, how we harvest them sustainably and what we do to make sure there’s plenty for the future. Every wild Australian prawn has a story. Now that story can be traced back to the waters the prawn calls home.

Our people. Our values.

Prawns, people, community. Wild prawn fishing communities can be small and remote or large and sophisticated, but there’s one thing they all have in common. They care for each other and want to give back.

The taste of the wild

“Provenance” is the story of where your food comes from. It matters to chefs, it matters to diners. More and more we want to know where our food is from. How is it harvested? Is it sustainable? Discover the wild places and people behind Australian wild prawns and why we write wild on the menu. Now, more than ever it’s crucial to source local, source sustainably and tell the story of Australian wild prawns.

Passionate people.
Stunning seascapes.

Meet the characters dedicating their their lives to safely and sustainably bringing the taste of the wild home to you.

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