Download your QR code now.

Choose your fishery, choose your format, download the file and email it to your printer or packaging supplier. You can also use these codes beyond packaging. They work on business cards, price lists, stationary and even vehicles and vessels.

1. Choose your fishery

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add the codes to my packaging?

Download the code, then email it to your packaging supplier or designer and ask them to add the code in your next packaging print run. Check with them which format is best. Generally this is EPS for print.

I’ve already printed my packaging.

Ask your printer about making stickers you can place on your existing packs until the next run. There are many other places you can use these codes to tell your story. On vehicles, on business cards, price lists or even vehicles. If you can print it, you can use a code.

How much does it cost?

It’s totally free to download the code. We will ask for your email address and name when you download to ensure the codes are used only by Australian Wild Prawn producers.

What are the printing guidelines?

The print specifications can be downloaded here.

QR Code Guideline